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Mar. 16th, 2007 @ 02:25 pm Scranton
So, I didn't get to go to Lynas' Brooklyn bowling birthday.

Before I continue, my mom has done disasterous things to this keyboard. Good lord, the action on this thing is terrible. Soft, unresponsive, sticky, gross.

Anyways, missing the BBB. I was in Scranton until like.. 8:30. First, we started driving around for that Penn Paper tower. We eventually found it.

We were gonna eat at Farley's and have the Michael Scott burger, but. We had gone past Cooper's, and that aroused. Plus, we ended up eating alligator. Not bad at all. Chicken with a twange of pork and a bit extra.. reptilian toughness. And some crab stuffed mushrooms.. And, creamed corned beef dip.

Poor Richard's is inside a bowling alley- I think that sums up all of Scranton. Though it's actually nicer than the bar on the show. Nice hardwood, lots of lacquer (and liquor (Awful joke. (Yes it was.))). T-shirts from there, complete and replete with "There ain't no party like a Scranton party, because a Scranton party don't stop."

We got a couple of the Froggy 101 bumper stickers.

We smoked a joint and left half of it in a parking lot, for any future Lackawanna county volunteer sheriffs.

We got some bread at Cugino's.

Saw the Electric City sign.

We did not, however, go to the Steamtown mall. So we missed out on Jitterz. But then again, Ryan's never been to Jitterz anyways. So fuck that shit.

I chickened out, and did -not- call Poison Control to complain about a false spider bite.