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bluntdoctor's Journal

...the crazing

17 December 1984
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I remember when it was quiet down here.

What should I do?

I remember when it was quiet in here.

This centence has threee errors.

The spirit gone, man is garbage.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

"Hey, Jesus. What's going on?"
"You know, you know.. Lepers.. Feeding, healing. Washin' Paul's feet."
"Same old, same old, huh? Hey, it's almost the first day of spring."
"Yeah, yeah. Full moon coming up, too. Wow. Weather, huh? Done in one day.. Fuck, I can't even get my laundry done every week."
"Yeah, your pop's a hard act to follow. Hey, I know what'll cheer you up, next Sunday, we're gonna go up North to stone the pagans. Wanna come with?"
"No, nah.. No, I can't. I'm busy this weekend."
"God damn it, Jesus. Again? We never hang out, dude. I mean.. Jesus, man. We're just tryin' to get you laid."
"Come on, don't bring Dad into this!"
"Sorry, sorry, fuck, alright, I'm sorry. But come on. Is this that Magdalene bitch again? She's cheatin' on ya, man. Hands down. Puttin' out for everyone but you."
"No, um. I'm uh, actually.. This Friday.. Gonna be dead. You know. For your sins?"
"Oh riiiight, right. The dancing and stuff. And the driving after sundown.."
"Yeah, that stuff."
"That sucks man. I'll miss ya, dude."
"Thanks. That helps.. Anyways, I got a new trick. I can turn water into whiskey now."
"Whiskey? You're top draw, Jesus. Top fucking draw. Come on, lets go get drunk."
"Amen. Do we need to pick up some ice?"
"Yeah, probably. Paul wasted a bag making his nipples hard. Again."
"..Aren't -you- Jesus?"
"Am I? I lost track of who was talking."
"Mmm.. Pretty sure you're Jesus."
"Fuck no, you're Jesus, you're just trying to trick -me- into getting killed!"
"Look. If I'm Jesus, we're screwed, 'cause I can't turn water into shit. You wanna get drunk tonight or not?"
"Oh. Right.. Yeah, it's me.. I'm Jesus fuckin' Christ."
"Damn right. Don't pull that Bugs Bunny shit on me."
"Sufferin' succotash."
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