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May. 5th, 2007 @ 10:39 pm New musics
Comcast had the Rush in Rio concert.  Shitty sound, but, it made me realize I need a lot more Rush.  3 out of however-many studio albums is just not.. not enough. Plus there's a the Snakes and Arrows that got released this year to get.  While I was checking Oink out, I noticed two things on the Top Ten. First of all. The Jazzy Jeff leaked. Y'heard?  Second of all.  .zip option doesn't work from the Top Ten. 

Incidentally, I think a certain girl-loving L is, well.  A little out of control lately.  I get the sense that she thinks I'm fascinated by her little sapphic fling.  All the "Wouldn't you like to know?" and "If you bring ___ over, we'll let you watch" comments are getting a bit much, and are starting to be, well.  Insulting, actually.  Eye-roll.  I haven't been 15 for a while now, you know?  And then, then she was all like "You knew Amber?"  This where I don't sound totally self-serving and lame and say 'I was her best friend for a while (read: before the inevitable happened and she fell out of 'proper' society), actually.'  Because, I dunno. Maybe that's not true.  (It definitely is, but. Amber wasn't above being a little.. duplicitous, so maybe there's someone out there she was like "You're my best friend!"  And, also, "I was her best friend!" just leaves a bad, braggart taste in my mouth. Maybe "She was my best friend (at school)" is a little better. Not by much though.) Perhaps she thinks this is the first time I've been around my carpet munching sisters.  Or maybe this is just part of the ego-trappings of hers she's wrapped up in it.  Some kind of "All guys must think this is way hot" kind of thing.   S said that the whole thing must "just be for show and sexual kicks, nothing super serious."  I don't think so.  I'd like to think they're both not quite so boring as that.  But, on a more positive note, seeing Anthony again was pretty cool.  That kid's alright. 

On a note related to my earlier tangent, Amy's phone finally got disconnected.  I hope everything's alright with the baby..  I know you don't read this, darling Wren, but.. You should. And you should call me.  496 and that jazz.

I also got new glasses (which also involved going out to dinner with my mom.  That cheered me up a bit, actually.  At some point in the night, I had a really depressing dream.  Though, one of my other dreams that night was a lucid one.  But, I lost it.  As often happens with lucidity, I woke up.  It's frustrating.).  I needed a new scrip, and.. I slept in my glasses last night, again, and broke the frame.  (Maybe I was depressed at my own stupidity for breaking the frames.) These will take some getting used to, but I like them okay.  I didn't go in for that glare coating or Scotch guarding.  Just the polycarb.  And, I'm trying out these half-frames.  They're not bad at all.