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Apr. 12th, 2007 @ 03:36 am dfg
-Ctrl and moving the scroll wheel up or down will increase or decrease the size of your font in Firefox (It might work in IE too.. I haven't tried it)
-Shift + scroll wheel will function as your back/foward button
-Alt + scroll wheel will cause your wheel to scroll one line at a time
Windows Key + E = Open Explorer
Windows Key + F = Open Search Windows
Windows Key + R = Open Run Dialog
Windows Key + D = Show Desktop (Minimize Everything)
Win+U for accessibility manager
Win+L for lock screen
Win+B for keyboard access to systray icons
Win+F1 for windows help+support

windows key, U, U
Pressed in sequence, rather than holding each of them down, will shut down your computer.

Type a domain name without the www. or the .com into the address bar, then press ctrl + return
also shift + enter for .net and ctrl + shift + enter for .org.

In any text:
CNTRL + Left/Right = Move cursor to left/right of word
SHIFT + Left/Right = Highlight Select character to left/right
CNTRL + SHIFT + Left/right = Highlight Select word to left/right